Quality tomato preserves have been our hallmark since 1962

Casar – the historic brand of a Sardinian product which confirms the great tradition of the Italian tomato preserves industry throughout the world.

Sardinia, a land of ancient cultivation traditions since the 19th century, is no exception. Thanks to its position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, its climate and the healthy nature, it gives us genuine, healthy and tasty fruits.

Our tomatoes are being cultivated nowadays with the same passion and dedication as in the 1960s, thanks to technical agreements whitch Casar stipulates each year with all the supply chain professionals , covering each phase of the production cycle. Casar tomatoes are harvested, selected and trasported in the shortest possible time from the fields to the factory, where they are sorted, processed and tinned in just a few hours, preserving the flavour and nutritional charateristics of the fresh produce.

Casar Ltd is a firm that has been processing tomatoes from Sardinia, since 1962. It’s placed in Serramanna, 35 km far from Cagliari, in an area of 120.000 square meters, 31.000 of which indoor.

The Casar in numbers.

At the Casar plant, hundreds of thousands of quintals of tomatoes are processed annually, from which Pelati, Polpe, Passate and Concentrati are made, arriving on the tables of all Sardinians and many customers around the world.

Guaranteed Sardinian manufacturing

Casar products come only from tomatoes grown in Sardinia in the Oristano plain and Medio Campidano: processed and packaged at the Serramanna Plant, within 12 hours of harvest.

Cultivated hectares
thousand Quintals harvested
million Packages per year
Employees involved per year
% Exported product

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