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All our tomato products are exclusively made from tomatoes grown in Sardinia. The excellent quality of Casar products arises from a careful combination of elements and processes from the field to the table.

The first key element is the quality of the tomatoes, guaranteed by a careful choice of tomatoes varieties, cultivation areas and techniques, haervesting methods and periods.

All these aspects are carefully planned and managed to enhance the flavour and nutritional value of our tomatoes.

So behind each tomato product there is a “chain” consisting of farmers, technicians, technology, checks, research and experimentation, which all aim at ensuring that our products maintain their qualities from the field to the table.

Every year in Casar’s plant thousand of tonnes of fresh tomatoes are processed to produce Peeled tomatoes, Chopped tomatoes, Tomato purée, Tomato concentrate and Ready-made Sauces which reach the tables not only of the Sardinians but also of lots of customers throughout the world.

Casar is certified for production processes (ISO 9001), enviromental protection (ISO 14001 and Emas) and product traceability systems (ISO 22005); BRC, IFS Certificates (International standards for food security), ISO 45001 Management System of safety in the workplace; HALAL certificate whcih makes the products suitable for consumption for the Muslims.
Casar tomatoes have grown according to an integrated pest control system aimed at guaranteeing both the products’ quality and the consumers’ health. In order to reach this goal, Casar in cooperation with AGRIS (Regional Agency for the Research in Agriculture) have carried out a project for the development of processing tomatoes, intended to improve the impact of the manufacturing processes on the nutraceutical characteristics on the product.

For a thorough monitoring of the chemical resiuduals, it has been undertaken a collaboration with the University of Cagliari to carry out a study aimed at guaranteeing the absence of chemical residuals in the raw material.


Le Certificazioni

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