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Since its inception in 1962, Casar has used exclusively tomatoes grown in Sardinia for its products.

In 1999, after years of turmoil, the company was acquired by Giovanni Muscas, president and founder of the Isa Group, today a leader in organized distribution in Sardinia with its 400 supermarkets under the Nonna Isa, Sidis, and Dimeglio brands, as well as being one of the flagship companies of the Vegè Group. Muscas revolutionized the company through continuous quality research.

The goal was and still is to bring an excellent product to consumers’ tables in terms of taste and nutritional characteristics that is 100% “made in Sardinia”.

CASAR’s mission is to offer a unique product that is exclusively processed in Sardinia in a very short time, preserving its flavor and freshness. It is a tomato that originates from the pride of a generous land, kissed by the sun and whipped by the wind, a product that requires great commitment and professionalism.

For this reason, CASAR has created an integrated supply chain with farmers for a production of excellence rooted in the island’s agricultural tradition and supported by cutting-edge technologies, ensuring increasingly higher quality standards.

Behind every package, there is a “supply chain” composed of farmers, technicians, technologies, controls, research, and experimentation, ensuring that the product remains unchanged from the field to the table.

That is why CASAR tomatoes retain the taste of the past but with ever-increasing quality.

Lo Staff

Michel Elias

Amministratore unico

Pierluigi Milia

Procuratore Generale commerciale@casar1962.com

Andrea Piga

Responsabile commerciale commerciale@casar1962.com

Walter Frongia

Responsabile qualità qualita@casar1962.com

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