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Tomato cultivation

Tomatoes were imported to Europe by the Spaniards as ornamental plants for the vividness of its colors, only later has been considered for the delight of its taste.

In addition to the family-run production for daily use or for home canning, there are several processing industries in which farmers take part by cultivating tomatoes according to an integrated pest control system, that is aimed at both the salubrity of the plants and the quality of the fruits. 

Excellent to be tasted in a salad with a little olive oil that enhances its organoleptic characteristics, but also necessary in many dishes and seasonings of the Sardinian cuisine.

In the countryside of the Medio Campidano tomato cultivation is very widespread, and it is not uncommon along the country roads to see big fields colored by ripe fruits.

Casar products come only from tomatoes grown in Sardinia in the Oristano valley and the Medio Campidano area: tomatoes are processed and packaged in the Casar Factory in Serramanna, within 12 hours from the harvest.

Origin of the tomato: 100% Sardinian

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