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Ready-made Campidanese sauce with fresh sausage Casar

Traditional ready tomato sauce from Sardinian cuisine (Campidanese) to be tasted with “malloreddus” (small “gnocchi” pasta made from durum wheat typical of Sardinia). The fresh pork sausage is browned with a mix of fresh onions and garlic, the ‘so ritto’ -saute’- is combined with tomato pulp and the other ingredients then long cooked. The sauce is enriched by sa ron, the unique taste of Sardinia. These ingredients give a unique, tasty, authentic and genuine taste. We recommend topping the gnocchi with the sauce and some grated Sardinian pecorino cheese (P.D.O.).


Base of tomato, conditioned by a uniform-looking sausage and fresh onions and garlic sauté.


Red, intense, brilliant.


Strong, with the characteristic flavour of sausage ragout free from abnormal aftertaste (rotten, fermented, burnt).


Chopped tomatoes and tomato concentrate, fresh pork sausage (pork meat, garlic, aniseed seeds, black pepper, spices, natural flavors), extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, salt, wild fennel, spices, sa ron, natural flavors. Acidity corrector: lactic acid.

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Casar tomatoes are harvested, selected, and transported in the shortest possible time from the field to the production plant where they are sorted, processed and packaged within a few hours while maintaining the taste and nutritional characteristics of the fresh fruit.

All the raw material processed comes exclusively from Sardinian cultivations. The high quality characteristics of Casar products are the result of a combination of elements and processes that develop from the field to the consumer’s table.

Behind each package is a ‘supply chain’ made up of farmers, technicians, technologies, controls, research and experiments that ensure that the product remains unaltered from the garden to the table.
Proof of the company’s seriousness are the various quality certifications, first and foremost ‘chain traceability’.
Casar tomatoes are grown according to strict integrated production regulations that limit the use of plant protection products to guarantee consumer health.

Dichiarazioni nutrizionali

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g
EnergiaGrassidi cui saturiCarboidratidi cui zuccheriFibreProteineSale **
401 kJ 106 kcal6,8g1,0g5,3g2,0g2,0g4,9g0,80g

Tabella Confezionamento

Cod.Peso (g)mlProdotto e confezionatoPezziStandard PalletEAN
art.nominalenettosgocciolatopezzi x conf.conf x straton° pianiconf x pallet
400901-190-212Vaso vetro chiuso con capsula in banda stagnata, volume 212 ml. Fardelli in termoretraibile; protezione con film estensibile attorno e sopra il pallet. 122161268003385312685

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